S3 Ep2: Best 5 Netflix dramas to learn Korean

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시즌 3, 2화. 한국어 배우기 좋은 최고의 넷플릭스 드라마 5개

S3EP2.  Best 5 Netflix dramas to learn Korean

안녕하세요?  잘 지냈어요?  It’s your host of Korean study café, Vanessa.  Today, I will talk about the top five Netflix Korean dramas useful for learning Korean for beginners and intermediate-level learners.

First, I have to be clear about one thing before we jump into the main part.  Even though I recommend these dramas as useful for learning Korean for beginners as well, it doesn’t mean that all beginners will understand all the expressions used in the series since all dramas are created for Korean viewers to relate to.  But it will be a good starting point for you to pick up a simple expression.

So most expressions are written without any limitation when it comes to creation.  But I still recommend learning useful expressions from these dramas because the words and expressions are very useful and practical, which you can never learn from books or schools.  All right, then now let’s go over what are good dramas to learn the Korean language on Netflix.

First of all, It’s “Love alarm(좋아하면 울리는).”

It has until season 2 with 14 episodes.  Popular actors among young people like 송강, 김소현, 정가람 starred in this series.  It follows the life of a high school girl in a society greatly influenced by a mobile app capable of notifying whether someone within their vicinity has romantic feelings for them.  The main characters’ lives appear from teenagers and twenties.  Therefore, the majority of conversations are casual tone which is 반말, because all of the main characters are in the same age group.  As a result, you can easily learn expressions used in everyday life in a casual tone.  However, they also use slang and teenagers’ terms without any adjustment for greater realism, so be aware of this and be conscious when you use these expressions to someone you have to talk to in a formal tone.  I strongly recommend this drama for learners in a very similar age group, around 17-24 years old.

The second one is “Our beloved summer(그 해 우리는).”

It’s starring 최우식, 김다미, 김성철, 노정의, the hottest 20s and 30s actors & actresses.  The series story is about reaching adulthood, a former couple forced to come together again when a documentary they shot in high school goes viral.  The story goes back far as when the main characters were teenagers, then a few scenes of when they were in college, and current where they are now adults and have a professional career.  It is a great opportunity for you to learn expressions used in such a variety of ages.  Also, most of the conversations in the drama are between lovers, friends, family members, and co-workers.  I want to recommend this drama for Korean language students in their ’20s and 30s who want to learn daily expressions.

The third one is Itaewon Class(이태원 클라쓰).

This series is starring 박서준, 김다미, 유재명, 권나라. The story is based on a very popular webtoon.  The overview plot of the drama is that one character overcomes the difficulties and becomes successful in revenging a conglomerate (chaebol group) that led his father to death by the heir and had him end up in jail while in high school.

As the main characters’ age range varies, you can learn various useful expressions in a casual tone and a formal tone.  Also, most of the conversation takes place in daily life, and besides, it also happens in a workplace and a business site.  Therefore, it can be a very good watching material for learners with a diversity of age groups who want to learn the daily expressions and expressions that can be used in the workplace.  Plus, since there are many scenes where the main character 박새로이 agonizes about his future life and his identity throughout the growth, it will also be a good point who want to write a journal in Korean or like to discuss such topic with Koreans.

The next one is “familiar wife 아는 와이프.”

This is a romantic fantasy starring 지성, 한지민, 장승조, 강한나.  The whole plot is about a married couple who suddenly finds themselves living entirely different lives after their fates magically change through an unexpected incident.  Even though its genre is fantasy, as the background doesn’t change to something unreal like the past or the future, it’s totally fine to study many expressions for your learning without hesitation.  The daily life of each main character is based on dating to professional life, marriage, and raising a baby, so it has many good expressions to learn and use immediately to your real-life for the learners of all ages.  Besides, since the main actress 한지민 that was voted the best actress who has the clearest pronunciation and good diction in Korea, it will be good for you to learn with her clear and easy-to-understandable pronunciation.

Last but not least, is Another Miss Oh (또!  오해영).  It stars 문정혁, 서현진, 전혜빈.

The plot is about two women with the same name yet different personalities.  Because of their same name, they mistakenly got mix-up with the main male character.  All the main characters are in their 30s or 40s, so the story deals with professional work, love, family matters.  Some scenes can be very relatable for viewers in their 30s and 40s and have already gone through time.  Also, the actress 서현진 has a very clear and nice-toned pronunciation and diction, so it will be helpful for foreign learners to learn Korean easily.

 어때요?  도움이 되었어요?  How was it?  Was it helpful?

Of course, if there are the ones that I want to recommend for Korean learners, there’re some dramas that I would not recommend for you.  Even though the story is good and popular, I don’t usually recommend specific genre dramas, historical dramas, or the ones with a not current generation because many expressions used in the series are most likely to be not applicable to your everyday life, such as Squid game, Hotel del luna, The King, Kingdom, All of us are dead, Reply 1988, etc.

For example, almost half of the lines in the Crash landing on you are written in a North Korean accent.  If you want to learn as many Korean expressions as possible, this drama’s lines are not ideal.

 Also, there’s one more, that is The heirs (상속자들).  The reason why I don’t recommend this drama to Korean learners is due to the fact that the majority of lines are very unique-toned and word usages that are uncommon in everyday life.  If you speak like them, many Korean wouldn’t understand you clearly, misunderstand you, or even look a bit weird.  This is because of the writer’s unique writing style, one of the top-tier drama writers in Korea.  This writer is very well-known for her sophisticated writing techniques, so she is a master of using metaphorical language, sarcasm, and playing with words.  Therefore it’s very hard to distinguish what’s appropriate for everyday conversation for foreigners.  Her works are very popular: Secret garden, Descendants of the sun, Guardian: the lonely and great god, Mr. Sunshine, The King: Eternal monarch, etc.  I recommend you avoid using them as language learning material due to the reason I mentioned earlier.   But you can still watch them if you want to enjoy Korean drama purely.

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